Obituary for Olof Ribb


On the 16th of January, 2006, our friend Olof Ribb died in his 60th year, after a brief severe illness.  All who knew him-- as brother and uncle, friend, teacher of Latin and philosophy in Greensboro/North Carolina-- respected and loved this warm-hearted, quiet and intelligent human being, to whom the open question was more reliable than answers suggesting deceitful certainties.  Meetings with him in Germany, on several occasions at the turn of the year at the retreat on Baltrum, are among the deepest of experiences.  Fulfillment of several dreams-- harvesting the fruit of his engagement on the Deschner work in the USA (translation, e.g. of the homepage and of the first novel, "Night Surrounds My House", and of the passionate plea for protection of animals, "For a bit bite of Flesh - the blackest of crimes") and of someday going back to visit the home of his Swedish forefathers -- these things were denied him.  The effect of his example continues, though, also on us.


To his dear sister Judy, who attended his death, we write: "Since the special days of Baltrum, he has been deep, deep in our hearts, he will be there a l w a y s as a really wonderful person with his thinking and feeling and laughing and enjoying the beauty around him and also his suffering with those, who suffer."


In grateful memory:


Karlheinz Deschner

Gabriele Rwer

Hassfurt/Mainz, 20. January 2006