Cities of Residence:

Some of the dates are approximate.  Please contact me if you would like to correct any information.


Donnybrook, ND:  1946-1954

Eugene, OR:  1954-1957

Stockton, CA:  1957-1958

Richmond, CA:  1958-1960

Minot, ND:  1960-1964


Big Sandy, TX (Ambassador College):  1964–1973.  He graduated in spring 1968.  He was junior class president his junior year, then student body president his senior year.


Grand Forks, ND:  For a few years during the 1970’s (University of North Dakota)

San Francisco, CA:  1979-1987

Bismarck, ND:  1987-1994

Germany:  1994-1996

Minneapolis, MN:  1996-2000

Greensboro, NC:  2000-2005

Bloomington, MN:  2005-2006